WiFi cameras are easy to set up and can sit on a tabletop as long as you have access to power nearby. WiFi cameras can be more affordable because they don’t require cabling installation. Footage from your camera is often backed up to the micro SD card so you can remotely view your cameras.

Cameras can literally be picked up and moved, as long as there is a power point nearby;  WiFi means they don’t need cables to transmit the data.


Our security cameras can be as discreet or as distinct as you like, so you can choose between admiring the beauty of your home or office with extra layers of security, or tell any wannabe intruders to smile and say they’re on camera. All our systems are installed by our trained professionals and configured on-site, with your preferences in mind first.


Delivering a quality construction project on time, on budget, and ensuring people and the community are safe does not happen by accident. Monitoring construction sites with cameras and sensing devices, equipped with deterrence systems as needed, substantially reduces onsite theft, vandalism and disruption as well as providing a platform for improving productivity and managing occupational health and safety (OH&S) hazards. 


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