• 4 – 12 wired zones.
  • 64 wireless zones.
  • Up to 32 users.
  • Automatic arm/disarm and output activation.
  • Access control capabilities with hardwired readers.

(AMC) – K Series – Builder’s Kit (4/12-Zone) (2x PIR)

  • Product Description

    The AMC K series builder’s kit includes control panels and accessories enables installers and end users to benefit from a wide range of products and features suited to both wired and wireless input applications.

    The control panel is equipped of 4/12 hard wired zones, expandable to 16 hard wired or 64 wireless zones. It is possible to obtain more zones by doubling.

    The panel can be controlled by new App AMC MANAGER (iOS / Android) with IP module and/or GPRS / 3G module. The programming can be made with keypad and/or PC software. The programming with software can be made remotely with IP module and/or GPRS / 3G module.

    The K series offers incredible value for money and comprehensive solutions to today’s security problems.

    Includes the following components:

    • 1 x AMC K4 4/12 zone alarm panel.
    • 1 x Unika Touchscreen Keypad with 5 inch screen.
    • 2 x Smile 19/P digital PIRs with creep zone & 15kg pet immunity.
    • 1 x built-in dialler.
    • 1 x telephone line cord.
    • 1 x top hat piezo siren.
    • 1 x slimline external siren & strobe light.
    • 1 x 18V AC 1.3 amp alarm panel plug pack.
    • 1 x 12V DC 7Ah sealed battery.