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Who are We?

U-Security started with a group of people who wants to make security personal to you and simple to use – that CCTV systems can be intuitive, fun, and provide a level of protection that you can trust and believe in, anywhere, anytime. At U-Security, we put your needs front and centre, helping you to take care of what’s most precious – the safety of you and your family, along with the business that you spent money and time building.

Who Is U Security

U-Security tailors our available products to your needs, without the restrictions of package installations or camera configurations, so you can enjoy our full range of products regardless of your budget.

U-Security is dedicated to providing the best security services available, so you can be rest assured that the goods you receive are always tested in our field office before heading to your door.

U-Security aim for the most hassle-free installation process, everytime, so you can enjoy watching your home and office from the comfort of your smartphone app and computer screen.

All (any) Systems and/or components installed by U-Security are protected by a standard Two-Year Warranty, including all parts and labor. Additional surcharges apply for warranty extensions. Your satisfaction in our work is how we measure our success.

Our Skills

Security System 100
Electrical Service 90
Vehicle Monitoring 90